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Ways to keep busy

I just got back from a short visit in New York, which was awesome!  My dad works in New York during the week, so we have a condo there.  My parents also grew up in New York and it is … Continue reading

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So, you know how I said that I don’t like Boston in my last post?  Shame on me.  What I SHOULD have said is that I don’t like DRIVING in Boston.  It intimidates me.  There is so much history in … Continue reading

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These are my confessions…

1.  I use q-tips, and yet I continually tell people not to (as an audiologist student). 2.  I eat the same thing for breakfast every day.  And lunch. 3.  I chew gum.  A lot. 4.  I run when my knee … Continue reading

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Roommates, Crafts and Food

I have never lived alone before, ever.  In fact, I have had more roommates than the average person.  I had one roommate my freshman year (for the entire year) and we were lucky and got along great and were similar … Continue reading

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Home…for a month-ish

Yesterday was a whirlwind.  I woke up in the morning, realized it was ridiculously hot in my apartment, and contemplated moving out that day instead of waiting until Saturday (today).  I slowly but surely started packing up and making trips … Continue reading

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