Why are you still single?

I get this question often enough, and after reading this article, I now have the perfect answer(s)! Enjoy! 🙂

“I just haven’t met the right guy yet. I’m looking for someone who brings as much to the table as I do.” This answer should earn some respect. It says, “I have a head on my shoulders and I won’t settle just for the sake of settling.”

“Honestly? I spent too much time with the wrong guy, and now I work too much. But I’m fixing that.” This one makes no apologies. It’s realistic. It comes off as confident but also a little humble. Anyway, everyone makes mistakes!

“If I knew the answer, I might not be single, and that would be your loss!” Say this to a guy if you want to flirt with him. Sassy!

“Actually, I like being single. I’m in charge of my schedule and I don’t have to compromise on anything.” Don’t get too defensive, but if you enjoy the single life, this might be a good way to answer.

“Darling, I haven’t found someone worthy of me.” You have to wink after this one in order to show that you don’t take yourself too seriously.

“Well, I’m waiting for the kind of loving gentleman that you were lucky enough to find.” This will get your girlfriend off your back. It tells her you understand you should be looking for quality and she needs to stop worrying. Also, it flatters her.

“Oh, I don’t know. Suppose it doesn’t help that underneath my clothes my entire body is covered in scales.” Say this if you’re starring in Bridget Jones! (One of my favorites!)


About roadworthrunning

I am a 20-something graduate student pursuing my Doctorate of Audiology. It is a 4 year program, and I am currently in my fourth year, which is an off campus externship year. I will be spending it in a new place, Arizona! I will blog about food, health, exercise and life! Come along with me on my journey.
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2 Responses to Why are you still single?

  1. I really like this. I usually just say, “It’s because I’m secretely crazy!” Haha
    I’ll have to start using some of these instead. 😉

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