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My body doesn’t hurt!

*KNOCK ON WOOD!* I feel like this whole summer, i’ve been kicking it up a notch in exercise.  Generally for the past YEARS all i’ve been doing is running.  I never really cross trained, strength trained, or anything else for … Continue reading

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So, you know how I said that I don’t like Boston in my last post?  Shame on me.  What I SHOULD have said is that I don’t like DRIVING in Boston.  It intimidates me.  There is so much history in … Continue reading

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These are my confessions…

1.  I use q-tips, and yet I continually tell people not to (as an audiologist student). 2.  I eat the same thing for breakfast every day.  And lunch. 3.  I chew gum.  A lot. 4.  I run when my knee … Continue reading

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Sharon Timlin 5K

This morning, with my dad and Briana, we ran the Sharon Timlin 5K in my home town!  We knew going into it that there would be hills, so we knew not to start off too fast.  I am used to … Continue reading

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Podcasts and the Picky Eater

My wonderful roommate, err ex-roommate, introduced me to the idea of listening to podcasts while running.  I am the odd girl that runs all the time without listening to anything, not even music.  I don’t know why I have always … Continue reading

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Why are you still single?

I get this question often enough, and after reading this article, I now have the perfect answer(s)! Enjoy! 🙂 “I just haven’t met the right guy yet. I’m looking for someone who brings as much to the table as I … Continue reading

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I am a runner

I could not stop laughing when I watched this.  Enjoy!  And laugh!  And no, I have not run a marathon, nor do I plan to, but I find this very amusing!

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