I lost track

This past year, I really lost track of my health.  I started eating less and less veggies and more and more carbs and processed foods.  I started to notice a huge difference in how I felt.  Since i’ve been home for the summer, I have started eating much healthier and have already noticed a huge difference in how I feel.  One small change that I have made is eating fruit smoothies.  I mix frozen fruit, almond milk, and a bit of yogurt in a blender and voila I have a delicious smoothie!  I am definitely going to play around with this recipe, and even add in some greens, but for now it is a great small change.

I am terrible, and I never eat fruit.  I never have either.  Ask my mom, when I was little (i.e. 1 years old) and she used to give me fruit I would spit it out.  It is a texture thing, and I just don’t like it.  In the smoothie form though, it is delicious!  My parents have tried everything over the years to try to get me to eat fruit, but nothing ever works (besides apple crisp, ha!)  Now I am happy that my taste buds have changed slightly and I am easing my way in with smoothies!  What a perfect meal/snack for hot summer days.  I will really appreciate these in Arizona!


About roadworthrunning

I am a 20-something graduate student pursuing my Doctorate of Audiology. It is a 4 year program, and I am currently in my fourth year, which is an off campus externship year. I will be spending it in a new place, Arizona! I will blog about food, health, exercise and life! Come along with me on my journey.
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3 Responses to I lost track

  1. scrapscribe says:

    Wow, that does sound good. And I don’t even like smoothies that much. Can you give some specifics on how much milk/yogurt you use?

  2. scrapscribe says:

    Cool, thanks! 🙂

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