Classes be gone!

Wow.  It feels weird to even type that title.  As of last week, I have officially finished classes forever (at least, let’s hope!)  This is my happy face that I am finished (right after I finished my comprehensive exams):

Quite a bit different than while I was studying in Panera every day for 2 and a half weeks, eh?:

Boy oh boy was that stressful.  Comprehensive exams were two days of exams given to us by each professor in my program testing us on everything they ever taught us.  We didn’t have any direction for what they might ask us, so we were forced to study 3 full years worth of coursework.  I have never studied so much in my life, but I am actually really happy I did it, even though it was quite awful.  I learned A LOT from studying, and it is amazing to see how much I have grown since I started the program.  Now the only thing left for me to do is take my Board exam (the Praxis) to get certified, finish my Capstone project (the death of me) and of course, start and finish my fourth year externship.

I am both excited and nervous for the last part.  Excited because I get to start fresh, move across the country, meet new people, and experience a new life.  Nervous because I have to leave my family and dogs, worried that I won’t make friends, and worried that I might hate it there.  That is all part of the adventure though, eh?  I am definitely going to start blogging much more as a way to keep in contact with my friends and family back home.

For now, I am sitting at home with my mom because we just got back from a family trip to New York.  I am going to make my way back to Amherst either tonight or tomorrow to finish moving out of my apartment.  Wow, I have lived there for two years so it is really surreal to be moving out.  I have lived in Amherst for 7 years too.  I really grew to love it there, but I am definitely ready to embrace the change.  I have not yet figured out the details of my move yet (mom, we need to get on this!),  but I do know I start my externship August 15, and my lease at my new apartment starts June 28, the rest is still in the works!  Until now I couldn’t focus on anything other than school, but now I have no excuse not to get packing!  I am only allowing myself to bring two suitcases and two boxes filled with stuff.  I don’t need much, and I am going to buy a lot when I get out there.  I am also hoping to rent furniture or buy cheap furniture on craigslist.

I leave with a fun picture of some of my classmates and I out on night we finished our exams (I am the cool kid who holds up her fist instead of a shotglass….):

About roadworthrunning

I am a 20-something graduate student pursuing my Doctorate of Audiology. It is a 4 year program, and I am currently in my fourth year, which is an off campus externship year. I will be spending it in a new place, Arizona! I will blog about food, health, exercise and life! Come along with me on my journey.
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