Robitussin Night Time

I am usually a very happy person who doesn’t even think twice about going to sleep.  Typically every night around 10PM, I roll into bed and read blogs on my computer until about 10:30 or 10:45 and then just fall asleep.  It really was that easy, until recently.  You see, recently something has happened in my life that makes me over-think things in a not-so-good way.  Naturally, when I went to fall asleep, my brain just would not shut off.  Even when it did shut off, I would wake up during the middle of the night upset and unable to fall back asleep.  For a girl who usually gets 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night, this was not normal.

Last Tuesday night, my brain never shut off, and for the first time ever, I just did not fall asleep.  This made me more upset than anything, because I wanted to sleep so badly, but couldn’t.  I knew something had to be done to put an end to this spell of sleeplessness.  The next night, I took Robitussin Night Time.  I slept for about 11 hours, and I was a happy girl.  Almost every night since then, I have continued to take Robitussin Night Time.  Sadly, I don’t continue to get 11 hours of sleep, but it does give me a solid 7 hours.  I know I need to start weening my way off relying on this to sleep, because I don’t want to get “addicted,” but for now, I am enjoying my love/hate relationship with the disgusting 4 teaspoons a night.

Tonight, I am not going to take it and see what happens.  I want my natural sleeping schedule back.  The said sad situation in my life is starting to feel more like reality, and I am starting to accept it more.  I can’t take Robistussin Night TIme forever, but wouldn’t it kind of be nice if I could?

There is my random thought for the day!  Today I am going to study, study, study for an exam tomorrow,  go for a 4-mile run, meet with my advisor for capstone, grocery shop, and meet with a therapist.  I have never met with a therapist before, but I think it will be really helpful for where I am at in life right now.

Just in case you don’t know me, I really do have a wonderful life and I am a very lucky girl with lots of supportive and loving people in my life, I am just going through a rough time personally and it is really effecting me.  Writing helps so much though.  Thanks for listening!

About roadworthrunning

I am a 20-something graduate student pursuing my Doctorate of Audiology. It is a 4 year program, and I am currently in my fourth year, which is an off campus externship year. I will be spending it in a new place, Arizona! I will blog about food, health, exercise and life! Come along with me on my journey.
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2 Responses to Robitussin Night Time

  1. Joanne says:

    You’re an excellent writer! You should do so, more often. You’re also very smart to realize the taking of cold medicine has to stop.
    It is a cliche, but time does heal all wounds!
    Love you!

  2. Gq says:

    Just wanted to say that I absolutely love the title of your blog! It will definitely become a sentence I will be repeating over and over to myself on my long runs.

    Have you maybe tried yoga before heading to bed? Maybe you just need to meditate a bit to try to get your brain to “shut down”! I sincerely hope everything gets better real soon.

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