In just two days…

**This post is written mostly for myself, to reflect on the feelings of my move.  I realize not everyone will want to read this whole thing!

My emotions have been like a sine wave lately.  Oh my gosh, did I really just say that?  I am a nerd.  What I should have said is that they have been up and down.  Sometimes I am feeling very excited about my big move, and then a wave of emotions comes over me and i’m suddenly sad and sick to my stomach.

In just two days I will be leaving everything I know for something completely different where I am starting over.  Granted I know I have only signed up to move for a year, but it is still a scary thing.  I am not afraid to say that I have been comfortable my whole life.  That is not to say that I haven’t had my own personal hard times or that life has been easy, but it has always been comfortable.  I am very lucky to have a great and supportive family who has only been at maximum an hour and a half away if I needed anything.  My mom is one of those mom’s that would do ANYTHING for her kids.  I always felt a great comfort in knowing that and knowing she was close by.

Massachusetts is home to me.  I’ve lived in Western Massachusetts and Eastern Massachusetts for 15 years (I was born and lived in Ohio).  When it comes down to it, I love this little state.  I really, truly do.  There is so much charm and “quaintness” in New England and I have some great memories here.  It does seem that recently though there have been more complaints out of my mouth about this beautiful state.  I think I am just bored with it, and I really despise the weather in the winter.  Although now that it is summer, of course I am in love and so sad to leave.

When my parents bought a “snowbird” house in Florida and I knew that they would be escaping the dreaded New England winters for a couple months,  it was my turn too.  I knew that if my parents were going to leave for the winter, and I have always felt this need to move away to a warmer climate, then I had to move too.

I knew going into my graduate school program that there was a fourth year “opportunity” as I liked to call it.  It is my one chance to move somewhere new for a year and still be considered a student.  There would be no commitment to staying, and it was really my chance to get away and get it out of my system.  When it came to applying to places, I only looked outside of New England.  I knew if I started to look close by, I might be tempted to stay and I knew I needed to get out of my comfort zone, grow up a little and do what I truly want to do.  So, I did it.  I applied in Arizona, was accepted for a great position and I really haven’t looked back.

Reality hadn’t really hit me until this past week.  This past week was when I started shipping boxes of clothes, said good bye to my car (it is being shipped across the country) and am starting to really cherish every moment I have at home.  Every time I drive somewhere I think “this is the last time I will see this for awhile.”  I know i’m being dramatic, but it is just a weird feeling.  I have been cherishing every precious moment with my cute dogs.  I know this sounds pathetic, but they are my best friends.  My dog Simon could truly be a therapy dog.  He knows when someone is upset and he knows exactly how to comfort them.  He is truly a one of a kind dog.  Sydney is a sweetheart and has been in my life for 11 years.  She is incredibly loyal and loves to give kisses! 😉  I sound like a crazy dog lady, and maybe I am, but I love my dogs.  Leaving them will be so sad because I know they will miss me.  That’s the hardest part!

I am also afraid of the unknown.  I don’t know if I am going to like or hate Arizona.  I have been there a bunch of times, but I have never actually lived there (thank you captain obvious!).  I will be living alone in a very social apartment complex in a social city.  I know I will have every opportunity to meet people, but again, it is going out of my comfort zone to do so.  I know that this will be the best thing for me, though, and a lot of good can come from moving to a new city.

Besides my dogs, mom, family and a few friends, I really have nothing else keeping me in New England, which makes it easier to leave.  So, along with all this unknown and fear comes a great deal of excitement.  I am excited for my new adventure, I really truly am.  When I lived in Ohio and knew I would be moving to Massachusetts, I was so excited.  I actually had a great deal of friends in Ohio at a young age, and it was kind of sad for me to leave, but at the same time I was so excited to be “the new kid who got all the attention” at a new school.  Yup, that was me.  I always loved school too, obviously.  I knew that as long as I had my family, it would be great, and it was.  I made new friends and never really looked back.  I hope that parallels what will happen with this move too.  Although I won’t be in the third grade and won’t have an easy way to meet people, there are many other ways to do so.

So, what am I excited for?  I’m excited for an adventure, something new, the Arizona restaurants, the beautiful weather (mostly),  the beautiful sunsets I hear a lot about, my new apartment, my new job, exploring a new area, the shopping, meeting new people and did I mention the food?

So, here goes nothing.  Wish me luck. 🙂  I’ll miss you mom, but we will skype every day, right?!

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What I will miss the most (a video!)

I love my dogs more than anything.  They truly are the best dogs anyone can ask for.  They are loyal, intelligent, loving, and get SO excited when anyone walks in the door.  They also LOVE to play.  It is their full time job and Simon can catch a frisbee like no ones business and Sydney loves to tug.  I decided to take a quick video of me playing with them the other day.  Well, I mostly just played with Simon because Sydney was tired (she’s getting old :().

Don’t mind my goofy voice or the fact that I talk to my dogs like they are my children, because truth be told they kind of are….

I am going to have serious separation anxiety from these two cuties.

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Ode to Facebook

When I found this, I naturally was so excited.  I’ve been facebook obsessed for years.  I don’t know why, maybe it is because of my inherent curiosity with other people, or because I just love to see who is getting married or having babies, but I love facebook,  I’ve had it since 2005 when I transferred to UMass.  At the time, only certain colleges were allowed on facebook, and mine was not one of them during the 2004-2005 year (Saint Anselm College).  I had heard so many great things about it, so when I transferred to UMass and found out that they had facebook, I was so excited.  It literally has changed the world we live in, some for the good, some for the bad.  I love it, though and I admit that I update my status a little too much.  Sue me.  I do think it might die off eventually, but for now it’s awesome!

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The importance of a good multivitamin

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with the Jillian Michaels podcasts.  I’ve always liked Jillian from the Biggest Loser, but it has not been until listening to her podcasts on my runs that I have truly started to appreciate everything she stands by.  She is so knowledgeable and doesn’t mess around!

One of her segments that I really liked (I love all of them, so that doesn’t mean much) was about the importance of vitamins.  She talked about how in a world where a number of people are vegans and vegetarians there is a huge need for supplementation.  She even said it is not healthy to be vegan or vegetarian if you aren’t supplementing properly.  I don’t fit into either of those categories, but I have been eating significantly less meat lately and do need to start taking supplementation more seriously.

In the past i’ve been good about taking vitamins, but I was always taking the cheap-o vitamins that were on sale at Target.  Jillian Michaels was saying that she gets a lot of questions about which vitamins people should take, and her response is usually “if you can afford it, a proper multivitamin is the way to go.”  She also went on to talk about how the cheap-o multivitamins that are on sale at Target aren’t good enough.  She said that they don’t “absorb” in your body properly (for lack of a better word) along with other things.  It’s important to spend a little more money on a QUALITY multivitamin.  She named off some brands and New Chapter Organics was one of them.

I went on their website, did some research and decided to give it a try.  I have been taking them for only two days now and I already feel a difference.  I admit that I am not the most nutritious eater in the world, so a proper multivitamin is really important for me.  I also realize that just because I am taking a good multivitamin doesn’t mean I should cut out healthy foods because that is the best source of vitamins for our body.  I am really happy with my purchase and I will definitely be taking them for a long time.

Does anyone else out there supplement or take vitamins?  What do you take?

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True Life – I’m Single.

I don’t know what it is (cough everyone getting married and having babies), but lately it has really been hitting me hard that i’m single.  To tell you the truth, I have been single for quite a long time, and have become accustomed to it.  I have definitely dated guys, but nothing that has been serious within this past year.  To be honest, I always say that i’m okay being single, and I really truly am, but would I be happier with someone else?  I think so.  I am generally a happy person, so it’s not to say that i’m not happy, but I just feel like something is missing.

I know everyone always says “someone will come along when you least expect it” or  “when you aren’t looking someone will come along,” well, that’s crap.  Sorry, it is.  If you don’t put yourself out there then no one will come along.  You need to be social and meet people in order to, well, meet people!  It is my goal to become social when I move.  I have not been the most social butterfly in the world during grad school, in fact, I really wasn’t very social until the very end when I met a great group of girls who I instantly clicked with. Sometimes I feel like grad school took three years out of my life, but I know that’s not true.  Education is so important in life and I will be grateful for my degree.

Most of my friends are in relationships, which can also be hard.  Of course, I am very happy for them, but it also makes me want to be in a relationship that much more.  I also feel like i’d have way more fun if I was in a relationship.  Lots of people that are dating, date other couples.  To me, that sounds like so much fun.  That’s what I want at this point in my life.  I’m tired of being single!

At the same time, i’m completely content being single and am really truly happy being me.  I love who I am!  This can sometimes lead to being stuck in my own ways though, and that’s never a good thing.  Sometimes I feel like i’ve been single for too long, but then I remember that there is a plan for everyone.

When the time is right, I am confident that the right one will “come along.”  I am grateful for this time that i’ve had to learn and grow as an individual.  I believe it will make me more appreciative in a relationship and in the future.  Until then, i’m going to live it up! 

Is this blog post one big contradiction or what?  It makes sense to me though.

In other, awesome news, I PASSED MY PRAXIS EXAM!  This means that I can get my license in audiology and never have to take another test!  I’m SO happy!!

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Ways to keep busy

I just got back from a short visit in New York, which was awesome!  My dad works in New York during the week, so we have a condo there.  My parents also grew up in New York and it is where the majority of my family/relatives live so I get to visit a lot!  During this visit, I got together with my college roommate for a little while and it was so nice to catch up!  I don’t have any pictures of our current visit, but here is one of us from our senior year (Erin’s in the red, and i’m in the blue, Sarah is in the black who was our other roomie)!

Also, I got together with some family members for my grandma’s birthday.  It was fun to hang out with my cousins.  We had a lot of fun going through pictures from our childhood and laughing.  My cousins and I were all really close and still are!

On an unrelated note, I have been thinking about ways to keep myself busy when I move to Arizona.  I am nervous about not knowing many people and becoming a hermit in my apartment (which could easily happen if  don’t branch out and meet people).  Here are some of the groups or ways that I will get involved:

1.  Take an art class.  I am already being proactive with this and have researched classes to take.  With the help of twitter, I found a talented artist who will be having classes Wednesday night.  I can’t wait!  I’ve always loved arts and crafts, but haven’t done any in years, so this will be fun for me.

2.  Join a running club.  I already did this, but it will be a challenge for me to wake up and meet them saturday mornings at 5 AM.  Dang you Arizona heat!

3.  Volunteer.  I just sent out a few emails to organizations where I can volunteer.  The main one being Make-A-Wish.  I really hope they accept me and I can volunteer with them.  It’s an organization close to my heart.

4.  Network, go out of my confort zone, be social and branch out.  No explanation needed!

Does anyone else have any ideas of ways to become involved in a community?

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My body doesn’t hurt!


I feel like this whole summer, i’ve been kicking it up a notch in exercise.  Generally for the past YEARS all i’ve been doing is running.  I never really cross trained, strength trained, or anything else for that matter.  I mostly just ran 5 to 6 miles about 6 days a week.

Well, that got boring after awhile, and I vowed to myself to pick it up a notch this summer, which has in turn lead to body pain.  I’ve been incorporating hill “sprints” into my work out which I have loved.  I live in a hilly neighborhood, and have the perfect hill here to run up and down until my heart is content.  Oh how I will miss that when I move.  After my first hill regimen, I woke up the next day with a sore behind.  Oww!  I knew this was something I wanted to keep up with, so I have been doing hills once or twice a week.  It’s such a nice break from typical running.

I also have been adding in some free weights (I have 8 lb. weights at home), and abs.  I think this is what has lead to the bulk of my soreness.  It feels so good to lift weights, and I can already feel the difference.  I can’t believe that i haven’t been incorporating weights into my life for the past 4 years that i’ve been running.  I really hope I keep up with them!

With all this “newness” in my life, I feel as though my mileage has decreased because I have had less of a drive to run, but my body has been oh-so-sore and I feel in shape.  I’ve been stretching a lot and using the foam roller.  Has anyone out there used a foam roller before?  It hurts so good.

Today is the first day  I woke up and have not been so sore I can barely move.  I’m sure that will change tomorrow, because I am planning a hill work out today, but for now I am soaking it up while I can!

In other news, over the weekend I went to dinner with my parents to a fabulous restaurant called Via.  I had been there before, but recently my mom went with a friend and loved it and said that we needed to go back with my dad.  She is right.  It is fairly close to our house and has the most delicious menu and food.  I ordered the eggplant, prosciutto, and fig pizza and it seriously might have been the best pizza ever!  I wish I got a picture, but the crust was crispy thin and the flavor combination was just right!  I am craving it as I type this, at 8:20 am.

Here is a picture of my mom and I at the restaurant:

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